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Curved Bulletproof Board Silicon Carbide Lightweight UHMWPE Bulletproof Chest Plates Vest Insert Level NIJ III/IV Plates

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Federal & state laws restrict the purchase and possession of body armor for convicted felons. By purchasing ballistic products, you are certifying that you are over the age of 18, not purchasing for unlawful purposes, and not convicted of any crimes.

Best thing to have in a life or death situation. Two plate purchase is recommended for vests and clothing to cover both front and back areas.


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is the highest quality polyethylene available for use in harsh working environments and for a variety of applications. the processing method is derived from powder metal technology and extruded. the molecular weight of 3 to 6 million, ensuring that ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has sufficient strength to achieve wear and impact resistance that is not possible with other lower polymer products. The product is tough and lightweight and can float on the water.

Used in a bulletproof vest, vests bulletproof, Body armor, bulletproof backpack, plate carrier, icons vest, bulletproof clothing, concealable bulletproof vest, etc.!


Material: SIC + UHMWPE (Kevlar Aramid Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Size: 30*25CM/10×12 inch
Thickness: 9mm
Bulletproof rating: NIJ IIIA (0.5KG)/NIJ III (1.1KG)/NIJ IV (2.95KG)

Defense Levels (Simplified):
NIJ IIIA - Stops handguns up to .44 mag and .357
NIJ III - Stops Rifles up to 5.56 and 7.62 M80
NIJ IV - Stops armor piercing and API

Protection From Threats:

Tested In Official Lab BMT, Australia

Test  Ammunition: AP M2 7.62 x 63.3mm, 166gr

1st Impact: 884 M/S, Trauma(BFS) 31mm

2nd Impact: 881 M/S, Trauma(BFS) 40mm

3rd Impact: 886 M/S, Trauma(BFS) 40mm

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Bulletproof board features:
The maximum extent to fit the body dressed in unrestrained sense
The bulletproof board adopts the latest type of silicon carbide + PE material, which has the characteristics of high light and light protection level. It is designed to reduce the load and move quickly, and the protection level is high and safe.
Image data is for reference only:


Tissue is squishy and elastic. People are generally not injured by back face deformation. The NIJ set the standards for BFD to a level they considered unlikely to cause injury. But even BFD that exceeds the NIJ standard is probably not going to cause any serious injury. Lots of folks have been hit with shotgun slugs and buckshot while wearing soft armor and those always exceed NIJ standards on soft armor. But to my knowledge only one person has ever been killed by a round that did not perforate armor. To be sure, the impact would hurt and bruise, but it would be unlikely to kill or cause serious injury.



Packing list: 1* bulletproof plate
Shipping: Free shipping
Transportation time: about 2-4 weeks (except special circumstances)

NIJ Level IV Bulletproof Insert - Shooters Free Cut - Ballistic Plates - Atomic Defense
NIJ Level IV Bulletproof Insert - Shooters Free Cut - Ballistic Plates - Atomic Defense


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