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Genius Vegetable Cutter

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COLOR - white

This is genius vegetable cutter bowl  - Vegetable Cutter, Eatable washer, Food defroster & Serving bowl. It is super comfortable to cut vegetables using this cutter. Cut the vegetables directly in the bowl and then clean through the drainage system. Skips the tedious cleaning process and make your cleaning easier. Remove this detachable vegetable slicer and now use this bowl as auto-balancing colander for fresh fruits & vegetables. This allows you to dump the used water out of your bowl, while keeping all of your food steady and safe from falling into the kitchen sink.


  • Works As Vegetable Cutter: Attach the detachable vegetable cutter to the bowl. And now cut & slice vegetables directly in the bowl. The cutter comes 7 different tool heads + 1 slicing knife which you can use as per your choice. You can cut & slice vegetables as per your requirement
  • 1) 1.5MM THIN FILM CUTTER HEAD: Suitable for making fruit skin thin film, homemade thin-film mask.
  • 2) 3MM MEDIUM SILK CUTTER: Uniform thickness, The cut food is suitable for coloring or frying.
  • 3) 4MM THICK KNIFE HEAD: Uniform silk is more delicious, suitable for stir-frying or steaming. 
  • 4) GRATED KNIFE HEAD: Grated ginger grated without chopping, easy and labor-saving.
  • 5) 2.5MM THICK KNIFE HEAD: Easy to slice, save time and labor a good helper
  • 6) 2MM CUTTING KNIFE HEAD: Dense and delicate, suitable for coleslaw.
  • 7) 2MM CUTTING KNIFE HEAD: Dense and delicate, suitable for coleslaw.
  • 8) SLICING KNIFE: Make delicious potato chips at home with ease.
Whenever you're struggling in the kitchen I hope it makes you feel better

  • Saves Precious Water: Average water consumption per cooking process is 20 litres. Whereas if you use this genius bowl you are just consuming 10 litres per cooking process.Thus you are SAVING 3600 Litres Of Water Per Year by using the auto-balancing colander, compared to leaving eatables under running water. Thus saving your water bills
  • Prevents Eatables From Falling In Sink When Washing: Wash the cut vegetables or other eatables easily and fast. Rinse your fruits and veggies by standing them in water without worry of spilling them when you dump the water back out.The bowl has a rotating buckle which allows you to dump the water out of your bowl, while keeping all eatables safe & steady from falling into the kitchen. 
  • Food Defroster : Defrosting meats and other frozen foods is super easy. The colander hold your meats up and let the melted water go below so it doesn't make a mess or soggy your foods.
  • Saves Time & Energy: Cutting vegetables in this bowl using the vegetable cutter saves lot of energy. Then washing these directly cut vegetables or other eatables using this bowl saves large amounts of time. 
  • Use as serving bowl : Remove the colander from the bowl and use it as a serving bowl for salads, pastas, and more.


  • Color: White with Grey
  • Size: 22 x 22 x 11 cm 
  • Material: High Quality PP material 


  • White Bowl 
  • Grey Colander Bowl 
  • Detachable Vegetable Cutter 
  • 7 Cutter Heads
  • 1 Paring knife : To make delicious potato chips at home with ease.


  • Please allow 12-30 days for delivery

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