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Ortopediska sandaler som korrigerar hallux valgus

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Tired of having sore feet due to hallux valgus?

Anyone who suffers from hallux valgus knows how excruciating pain this can mean.
However, they are not something to be dragged along.
Contrary to popular belief, hallux valgus does not come from the bone but is due to deformation of the joints in the big toe.

The heat that forms around the failing joint causes inflammation that causes a terrible pain which makes you unable to walk properly. This affects your entire body, including the posture of your back.

It is important that you do something about it before it goes so far that you have to have surgery. It is a difficult and very painful operation that makes you immobile for several weeks.

The design is fantastically stylish and the entire concept, developed by a podiatrist, allows the joint to be corrected and cured.
You no longer have to be afraid to put on your shoes, as your feet no longer hurt!

The sole corresponds to the natural shape of the arch and the 2.5 cm raised heel is designed to give the perfect slope. Those who have hallux valgus know how heels aggravate the pain.

The sides are padded. The joint is therefore not exposed to pressure as in ordinary shoes, but is still held in place by the padding.

It is the padded part that gently straightens the joint and at the same time prevents inflammation.

Eventually, you can start wearing regular shoes again without any pain.

Also corrects your general posture

People with hallux valgus often develop an posture as a reaction to the pain which causes them to walk with bent legs.

This leads to poor posture at the hips and slightly curved backs, as if they had aged prematurely.

As soon as you are no longer in pain, you get a more balanced posture, with a straight back and your head stretched up from your shoulders.

Your whole figure is affected and looks better.

Elegant design, both stylish and simple

It is both elegant and simple and fits just as well with everyday wear as when you dress up.


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